Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Man Talk

I signed up again today for fantasy football. I think this is the fourth year I have competed in the same league. One of my college friends started it up when my husband (then boyfriend) lived with him. Dan played that year, but never again. I think he got tired of me kicking his butt. That, or maybe it was because I coerced him to trade me his good players at the end of the season when he was in last place.

I was the only girl in the league that year, and still am. I kept on with it and really enjoy the challenge. I love football and am a huge nerd, so this is perfect for me. Wanton nerditry to keep me sane. Sometimes I feel as if I need to do well to prove that women can be football fans too. That just because we weren't born with the "right" parts to partake, doesn't mean we can't ever understand the importance of a good fullback or the finesse a perfectly executed screen pass requires. Zone vs. Man. Pocket vs. Scrambling. It really is not just a guy's vernacular. I speak the language too.

The last few years I have barely missed the playoffs. That means I came in fifth. Of course I want to win, but this year, I think I am going to make the cut. Fourth place or bust!

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Laura said...

Good luck with your league this season... you are definitely one of the biggest football fans I've never known! ;)

Hey, Aveline will get to wear the BUCKEYE outfit we got her soon! :)