Friday, August 05, 2005

Spin Cycle

Aveline is growing so fast! We weighed her on Tuesday at the farm. My parents are running a little farm market, so they have a digital scale to weigh veggies. She was 12 lbs. 12 oz. on Tuesday. She has almost doubled her birth weight! She still has pretty thin thighs for a baby. Dan and I are puzzled where she got those. They will probably fill in soon.

I felt as if I was spinning my wheels today. I did get the kitchen cleaned-all but mopping the floor and scrubbing the stove. I did shine my sink, do dishes, scrub the counter and sweep. I'm just trying to catch up. The house naturally leans towards chaos. I fight it everyday. Right now 3 rooms look great. The kitchen, guest bed and the hallway. Does the hallway even count as a room? We are slowly getting things together. Maybe we will accomplish more this weekend.

I did take a hour long walk through the neighborhood with Elvis and Aveline. It wasn't too warm, so it made for a nice stroll. I also got my exercise, as did Elvis. Aveline was just along for the ride.

I made beef stroganoff tonight for dinner. I added zucchini, much to Dan's dismay. We needed more vegetables today. I thought it was good. Dan ate it, so it obviously wasn't terrible.

Dan does not have tomorrow night off. Kind of stinks. I really enjoy spending some time with him.

Well, I guess I rambled long enough.

Happy Birthday, Gary. I hope you got a piece your favorite pie.

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