Monday, September 12, 2005

Feeling the Pinch

Ouch. A noticeable pinch has been felt by all. Gas prices and the wave they create has trickled down to squeeze us doubly. As a server, I have noticed that people are spending and tipping far less than they did even a month ago. So not only are we paying more at the pump, but we are getting squeezed with less income. My wages have dropped at least 30% over the last four weeks. People are opting to split things and leave only marginal gratuity. And it is not just me, many of my coworkers have noticed the decrease as well. I guess we will have to start pinching back by spending less. Here goes the downward spiral of our economy, started by a pinch.

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Rae Ann said...

You know, that's just terrible. People should still tip the same 15-20% that they did before. I guess if they their checks are less then you get less even if they tip the same percentage. That really does suck.