Monday, October 31, 2005

The Bengals Game

My sister Jill and her husband, Dale, live in southern Wisconsin. Dale is a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. Jill and Dale happened to be attending the FFA convention this last week in Louisville, so they planned on stopping in our area to visit. While we were hosting the Beaty's at our house, the Bengals welcomed the Packers for a game.

We had a nice, albeit short, visit while they were here. We went to Bravo for dinner on Saturday night. Sunday we went to the game. Dale and Jill bought tickets for Dan and I to attend. These weren't bad seats either...50 yard line! Woo hoo! It was just like we were watching it from our own living room!

The weather for the game was perfect. Sunny and mild. The game was a close one, ending with quite a bit of excitement. As Brett Favre was driving to tie the game, a fan stormed the field, ripped the ball from his hands and headed for the end zone. The Bengals may not always be good at their open field tackles, but their security guards sure are! Wow. He made it about 50 yards or so before he was swarmed by armed men. It was very exciting.

The Bengals ended up winning, much to Dale's chagrin. I was upset too. I wanted to see one of Favre's fabled game winning drives in person. I did get to see him intercepted 5 times. He had a pretty rough day.

The only blemish on the day was the annoying drunk super-fan seated two rows ahead of us. I use the term "seated" very loosely. He rarely sat. Instead he paced back and forth, gyrating his hips, hurling insults at anyone dressed in green. He carried two beer bottles. One to drink from and the other to spit into. He ranted and raved about anything that breezed through his inebriated mind. Most of the time, my view was as the image depicts, obstructed.


Joel said...

Farve should retire...he's got no line or recievers

Hot T Finder said...


Sorry just had to say that