Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pure Evil

I was having a fairly rough time this last Friday and Saturday. Dan, being the sweetheart that he is, brought me some chocolate to help make my day better. Every man worth their salt knows that chocolate is the true way to heal a woman's wounds.

The bag of chocolate that I received looked like this one. It worked, I feel a lot better. I also feel a lot fatter. Can you overdose on chocolate?

I highly recommend these little treats. Caramel filled chocolate pick me ups. I will give you fair warning though, they are evil. You will not be able to stop eating them.


Lauren said...

Those are good also as white chocolate. and the latest I have tried are the cherry kisses. They taste like a chocolate covered cherry but better!

Laura said...

Mmmm... chocolate. :) Good job, Danimal.

Rae Ann said...

I haven't tried those. They look yummy!