Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're Bah-ack!

So our vacation is all but over. We returned yesterday from the thousand miles of fun. Imagine: Dan, me, Aveline, Elvis and all of our luggage packed in a tiny Chevy Cavalier. Fun times. It was tight.

Now the real fun starts: laundry and home normalization. It was hectic when we left. I forgot how messy the last moments got before we packed the car. Rejected outfits strewn across the loveseat. Baby toys laying where they landed. It is a disaster. I have already started my first load. That is how I will spend my day, digging out from the vacation.

I will be posting more today and tomorrow about our vacation. We had a wonderful time with our families.


kelly said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time! See you Sat!!

Lauren said...

I am glad to see you made it home okay. I was wondering how you fit everything in? I was starting to think Dan was going to take the wheel off the stroller.

Kristi said...

Dan almost took the wheels off me!

At least I got to sit in the front seat on the way home. And with both cheeks firmly on the seat!

Dan's saying from the vacation: "We need a van!"

Lauren said...

definately before the next child!

Laura said...

LOL... glad to hear you are back and working on getting things back to normal. Can't wait to see pics from your trip!

Rae Ann said...

Glad your vacation was good. I love that laundry drawing. It looks just like something from my house.