Monday, November 28, 2005

Habemus Dentem

Ok. So my Latin sucks. But the big news of the week is that after weeks of drooling, days of feverish fuss-fests and hours of gnawing on anything that would slow down, we have the emergence of a tooth. WE HAVE A TOOTH!!!!!

The white wisps of smoke drifted skyward just this morning at breakfast. Somewhere between the spoonfuls of rice cereal or pears, I noticed the hidden pearl. Of course, I had to stop shovelling the grub to inspect my find, much to Aveline's dismay. Since the discovery, modesty on her part has been the name of the game.

Now only 31 more to break on through to the other side. Maybe she will get the hang of it.


kelly said...

YEAH!!!!! I bet she's even more adorable with it now!!!!

Joel & Jamie said...

Oh my goodness a tooth!!! That s awesome. Congrats Aveline.

Rae Ann said...

Oh, what a milestone! just wait til she discovers that she can bite. lol

Josh said...

Something to brush. :)