Monday, December 26, 2005

The Gift Opening

Dan and I agree that Christmas was so much more fun this year than we could ever remember. The excitement Aveline got while opening gifts was addictive. We ended up letting her help us unwrap our gifts! She loved the paper. Once a gift was opened, she would frantically wave the paper in the air, screeching and smiling. So much fun! I can see why parents love Christmastime.

We did not get her many gifts. Our favorite is her Learn Around Playground by Leapfrog. She can't get enough of it! Santa brought her a huge stuffed pig and some blocks.


Christina said...

That's wonderful that she had so much fun opening gifts!! It's awesome to see little children tearing up wrapping paper with such glee.

We expected Cordy to tear into her gifts this year, since last year she was only 3 months old, but she really wasn't that interested in them. She played with some of them once they were opened. Ah well, I'm sure next year she'll be much more interested. :)

Lauren said...

She was so cute opening her gifts. I can't wait until Friday to see her open her presents. I thought Owen would get more into opening but he could care less.

Joel & Jamie said...

What a sweet little girl. I see she has gotten a lot more hair and it looks some what dark. To cute!!!

Lisa said...

You've got a really cute baby. My little girl is 3 (they grow up fast) and this has been one of the best Christmases. She knows all about Santa and now she can't wait till next year.