Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Godfather

I was not brought up in or even near anyone of the Catholic faith, so I'm am essentially clueless when it comes to the rituals associated with this religion. I've been to enough Catholic weddings to learn a few things: stay alert-- you never know when you will need to sit or stand; try to eat something before the mass, as it could get long; and bring your "A" game to the reception. Beyond the occasional wedding, I had little experience with this sect. Such little knowledge naturally peaked my curiosity. I was confused by all of the different saints, children getting additional names after confirmation and the tradition of naming godparents for a newborn. I learned a bit more about the latter this last weekend.

Dan and I traveled north to Columbus to witness the baptism of our nephew Isaac. Well, I just watched. Dan, however, is now a godfather. Dan was honored to be asked for this responsibility. I know he secretly loved the title as well. Many times during the last few weeks, he has rambled in a set jaw mumble reminiscient of Brando's portrayal of Don Vito Corleone.

Jokes aside, Dan was made an offer he couldn't refuse: the opportunity to be a caring part of his family's life. I have rarely seen him happier than when he is with his family, extended or just the three of us. His eyes light up when he comes home to us each morning. He makes efforts to call all of his siblings on a regular basis. I've even overheard discussions about dolphins and Santa Claus he carried with our niece. He loves his family.

Don Corleone did have one quote that can sum up my husband perfectly.
Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.


Joel & Jamie said...

Awe!!! How sweet is that picture.

Uncle Crappy said...

Catholic weddings. Long. Yes. I almost took communion at the last one I went to because I was starving to death. A Catholic friend did go up to get his cracker and juice; when he returned, he said, "Well, that'll hold me for another 20 minutes or so."

That aside, being a godfather would be extremely cool...

Laura said...

It was an Episcopalian Church... but, yes! Very similar to Catholic. We're so happy to have Dan be Isaac's Godfather! :)

SMAC said...

Dan will be a great godfather I'm sure because he is already a great man!

Love you!