Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Man Who Haunts My Dreams....

Lately, I have been waking up with one man's voice running through my head. Night after night, I hear his curious giggles as I try to sleep. Today, I needed to know who this man was, the man who haunts my dreams. Do you know who he is???

Click here to find out!


Em said...


I actually met this guy, I had an internship with Universal Studios in Florida and while I was there he was filming a 3D movie for some Sesame Street theme park ride. It was totally weird to see him at work! He brought his daughter with him and was actually the most non-frightening and nice person that was there working as a muppet voice/puppeteer. (spelling?)
(Some of them were just nasty)
Sorry if the giggle is weirding you out though - in fact now that I've got it in my head I will probably have dreams about it too!

Joel & Jamie said...

Funny!!! I did not know who he was, but now when we watch I will think of you and your dreams.

Guru said...

It concerns me that he haunts your dreams. You might need to diversify your interests, or at least the men you dream about ;-)