Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Piggy Love and the Debut of Orneriness

We knew it was going to happen. My mother warned me. I was a deviously ornery child. It seems I have passed down that trait. She has learned to climb into her toy basket to get to the media shelf. I will often return from a brief bathroom break to find her gnawing on a Metallica cover. When you catch her, she just grins and turns to get as many cds as she can before you can pull her away.

One of the most hilarious things Aveline is doing right now is something we call "giving love." Basically, "giving love" is the smothering of hugs and kisses on a person or object. She gives good love to both Dan and I, but her real squeeze is a huge stuffed pig that Santa brought her. She tackles the piggy and kisses and hugs him to oblivion. This lasts for a few minutes. It can be rather disturbing.


Joel & Jamie said...

Piggy Love... Too Funny.

Sweet love on mommy and daddy, Awe. I can't wait till Cheyanna gives kisses on purpose.

Glad you are feeling a bit better. I remember I was sick till about 16 weeks. Yuck!

Grandma & Grandpa Wilhelm said...

Your writing keeps us in stitches! We love reading your blog!!!! We also love our little lover--Aveline Grace! It was so wonderful to have her at Grandma and Grandpa's on Saturday when we celebrated Kelly's birthday! She wore me out!!! Busy, busy little girl!!! Whew!!! So loving though, which we absolutely adore!!! Keep writing and keep posting those pictures!!! You have a gift. Also, hang in there with this next little one. We love how our family keeps growing. Never a dull moment!

Dirty Butter said...

She's adorable, and I love that phrase "Piggy Love," too!

Hope you continue to feel better. Our two are 15 months apart, and it can be rough taking care of one baby while you're carrying another. Take care of yourself!!

Rae Ann said...

Orneriness is a sign of high intelligence. She's one smart girl!!