Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ear Infections

We have be MIA due to a nasty, nasty ear infection. This is Aveline's first. Ugh. We've been battling it for almost ten days now and it seems to be getting better. We had a few ugly nights of nonstop screaming which lead to eventual vomitting. Lots of fun here. The first round of antibiotics prescribe did nothing, so we are onto a second more powerful round. This seems to be working. She is still not herself. She is more whiny and cranky than normal. Hopefully she is all better before her birthday next week. No one should be sick on her birthday!


Joel & Jamie said...

Oh, poor little Aveline. I sure hope you get better soon. Lot's of hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh... I really hope we didn't do that to you guys. I am so sorry if we brought that to you!

Hope things are getting better!
Love.. Laura, Joe, Stella,and Grant

Christina said...

Poor thing! I hope she starts to feel better soon.

When you have the time, I tagged you for a meme as well!