Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's a Girl!

We are back from the ultrasound and are tickled to report that we are welcoming another princess to our pack this fall. Yeah!!! Dan and I are thrilled. Aveline seems to care less at this point.

The ultrasound showed an absolutely perfect, super active little girl. All of her measurements were right on schedule, so my due date of September 11th will remain the same. We are thankful that everything is normal and that our daughter is doing well.

Now onto the truly hard part.... naming her. We had a boy's name picked out already (and will be ready for the next one!) but we haven't decided on a girl's name. I have already had many people lobbying for their favorite female names. If you have any ideas, pass them along!


Laura said...

I wondered how many times I would have to hit "refresh." LOL

Congrats!! Hmm... I'll have to think about some name ideas. :)

Joel & Jamie said...

Yipee!! how wonderful for you guys.


Christina said...

Congrats! Hooray for another girl!

EmilyS said...

We are so happy for you guys!!!
Miss Ya

Laura said...

hmmm.. I will have to think about this one. Are we looking for something traditional or off the beaten path?

kelly said...

Congrats!!!! We were so excited to get the call! See you tonight?

ivoryfrog said...

Can't think of any names at the moment except my 2 girls - Teagan and Savannah.

Any use? lol
Take Care
Ivoryfrog x

loelsh said...

Good for you. It will be nice to have 2 girls so close together. They'll be able to play with the same toys and wear the same clothes.

Just wait til they're teenagers! That'll be the hard part.

Guru said...

Congratulations. You should hold out for one more day past your due date so she can be born on my anniversary!

If our last one was a girl, we mostly liked the names Hannah, Rachel, Grace, and Vanessa with various combinations of the 4 for first and middle names.

SMAC said...

Congratulations! I am just reading your news :) How exciting you're having another girl.

I have a whole list of girl names, but they're not on me (they are in a database at work!). I'll have to send you some suggestions - there are some good ones (at least I think so!).

My friends have twin girls named Ava and Ainsley - I think they are such pretty names. Since you already have Aveline, you could always do another name that starts with an "A" - it might be easier to remember when you're yelling at them when they are teenagers . . .