Friday, April 21, 2006

One Year Ago.....

We got to meet our monkey! My, how she has grown!


Joel & Jamie said...

What a sweetie, it's hard to believe she is 1 already.

Happy Birthday Aveline, we love you, see you soon.


Auntie Jamie, Uncle Joel and Cheyanna

Josh said...

Happy Birthday!
I wish you were not sick on your birthday, take good care of her Mom and Dad.

Love you,
Uncle Josh, Aunt Laura and Cousin Isaac.

Rae Ann said...

Happy Birthday Aveline!

aunt kelly said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! So sorry you're not feeling well!

loelsh said...

Happy birthday (a little late!) My youngest turns 2 tomorrow!

I have two girls and a boy. My pregnancies with the girls were pretty much identical- I got big all the way around and had no morning sickness, just acid reflux.

My son's was completely different. I carried him all out front, like I swallowed a basketball, and I was nausious for the first 16 weeks.

However, you can't always tell by that. I've known people who had completely different pregnancies and had the same gender babies. Others who have had identical pregnancies with boys and girls.

You just never know. (At least until tomorrow hopefully, right?) I can't wait to hear if you find out what you're having. Are you going to share?