Monday, May 01, 2006

She Walks!!!

We are completely sickness free here at our household! Yipee!!! We are now gearing up for Aveline's party this Sunday, finally.

Today Aveline took what we called her first official steps. She has taken a step here and there for about 2 weeks now, but never more than one. Today she took three. Then got up and took three more. The end is near for us as parents, or so we are told. I guess once they are mobile and upright all of the rules change again. Yea. I guess this means we move everything up another 12 inches and duct tape foam to every sharp corner in the house. Padded walls may be the best option for both child and parents!

We will try to get this feat on video the next few days so the Grandparents can get their fix. Let's hope she performs again at her bash. Like all her other milestones, she reaches them and then rests on her laurels for a bit, not sharing again for a short amount of time


Joel & Jamie said...

Go Ava, Go Ava, Go, Go, Go Ava!!!

Laura said...

How exciting! And scary! :)

kelly said...

It's on now!!!!

Christina said...


For us, a walking baby made things easier. She was far happier when she could get places on her own with less effort. Oh sure, you have to double-check the babyproofing, but it's not as bad as many make it out to be.

Anji said...

Congratulations to you all! By the time you read this comment she'll be racing around.