Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let Sleeping Babies Lie?

I don't know if I should be truly concerned or thank my lucky stars.

My toddler LOVES to sleep. I'm not saying I'm surprised by her inherit intuition to snooze, as I was fabled to be (and still am) a wonderful sleeper. It just worries me sometimes.

She has always been a great sleeper. When she was a newborn, she would sleep for 4 hour jags. She began sleeping 8-9 hours a night at 8 weeks. By 18 weeks, she would span twelve hours during the night. Rarely does she wake during the night. She also naps very well, taking a leisurely 2 hour siesta after lunch.

This week has been strange though. It began with a 3 hour nap after lunch on Tuesday. During supper that evening, she could barely keep her eyes open. We do things roughly the same time everyday, so I was a bit alarmed. I had her in bed by 7:30 pm. I had to wake her up yesterday at 8:30 am to make sure she was still alive. Today seems to be no different. She is still sleeping.

I guess this is a wonderful problem to have. I know I am thankful it is not the opposite problem. Anything minutely out of the range of normal sends mothers into a frothing panic. I am going to cautiously thank my lucky stars that my princess is prone to slumber. Tomorrow, I am going to sleep in too.


Chris T. said...

I'm so jeleous,if Emerson naps longer than an hour, I literaly check to see if he's breathing. He's a real cat napper. I say take advantage of the quiet time you have!

Laura said...

I don't know what I did to the duo.. but they are awesome sleepers too.

Noone shoot me BUT... they sleep from 8 p.m to 8-9 a.m. and then take a siesta in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

If they don't get what they need... they are huge CRANKS.

Anonymous said...

I still love to sleep and I am 30 now!

wish i could have an afternoon nap and be acceptable in society!


take care,

Guru said...

Hey, that doesn't sound like too bad of a situation, but I think I know what is going on. My 2 year old started trying to stay up past 11pm and getting up at 7am. He also is trying to take shorter naps.

I think Aveline is stealing my son's sleep!

Laura said...

Isaac loves to sleep... in the evenings, that is. He sucks at naps, unfortunately! You are SO lucky!!

Uncle Crappy said...

Maybe Aveline just skipped childhood and suddenly became a teenager?

MsDemmie said...

Could just be the heat if it has hotted up significantly ....... enjoy it while you can .........

Sue said...

Just surfed through via Blog Mad and I have to agree with Uncle Crappy's comments. As a Mom of two teens and one preteen I can honestly say I wish they slept as much when they were babies .. :)

Enjoy these years they go by far too fast!