Friday, June 23, 2006

A Mommy Gathering

A few nights ago, some of my close college girlfriends, some friends of friends and I met to have a bib-free hot meal that we didn't have to cut into pieces small enough to not choke our precious children. All of us, with the exception of one, have very young children. We met to get out of the house, alone. We met to comiserate and congratulate. We met to eat a hot, uninterrupted meal.

We all descended on the Don Pablo's in Dublin Wednesday evening for our first gathering. Some ordered well-deserved cocktails. I splurged and got a coke. We relaxed and noshed on chips and salsa. Tons of chips and salsa. We caught up on lives and passed pictures. We griped about spouses and praised them. We shared secrets for removing stains. It sounds very mundane for most, but for our group of mommies, it was a night of heaven.

We lingered a bit longer than I feel comfortable tying up a server's table, but I didn't care. It was nice to have an evening of fellowship. We all agreed that we wanted to do it again. I think we may have started a mommy supper club.


Joel & Jamie said...

I want to join!!! Sounds like fun.

See you soon.

Shelli said...

Good for you! Keep at it.

Good luck with your upcoming arrival.

(Here via BlogMad.)

Guru said...

I love Don Pablos!

Glad you had a good time and it is definitely a great thing to eat with other adults occasionally!

Christina said...

Oh how fun! I want to join, too! Dublin isn't that far from me! :)

Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm said...

Girlfriends keep one sane and healthy!!! Glad you got a night out with the gang!!! Good for you!!!