Saturday, August 12, 2006

35 Week Check Up

I don't know if any of you still care about my weekly check ups. It is about the most exciting thing that happens around here nowadays.

Our check up was Thursday morning. My weight is good. My blood pressure was a bit higher than she liked, but still below the danger zone. The Deuce looked good in her ultrasound, notching perfect score for her biophysical profile. We did get some very clear pictures of her, and she looks just like Aveline so far. I'm sure she will have her own look, as ultrasound pictures are notoriously off. She does have chunky cheeks and a mullet. Yes, a mullet. Rhonda, our u/s tech, pointed out a flowy blob that are The Deuce's tresses. I was bald until I was two. I'm not sure how much hair Dan had (Kris???) but this one looks to be well locked.

We also had our Strep B poke, err, I mean test. My doctor also surprised me with an internal exam, since I was in the position and all. I am officially one centimeter dialated. I guess that means I am in labor as we speak. Really it does not mean a whole lot, considering many women walk around at 3 or 4 cm for WEEKS before going into labor. I just want this munchkin to make it until September. My doctor said she would induce me on the evening of the 8th if I had not delivered yet. Not much farther to go!

Dan and I are painting Aveline's big girl room this week. We are also going to rewash and clean all of our small baby gear that is in storage. The house will also get a really good cleaning in the next week or two. If anyone has a Monica Gellar type obsession with cleanliness, I have a project for you!


Jamie said...

So glad to hear everything is going well.

If I lived anywhere in Ohio I would be there to help you in a heart beat.

I cannot wait to meet munchkin # 2!!!

Joel said...

Congrats to Dan on DAYSHIFT!