Thursday, August 17, 2006

36 Week Update

I'm becoming a lazy blogger.

Dan and I have been busy getting things ready for The Deuce's arrival. We are trying to get our house presentable as we speak. It seems to be taking forever, as we have to break often. Dan's brother and his family are visiting this weekend to help us finish Aveline's new room.

I had an appointment yesterday with my obstetrician. We are still only dialated to 1 centimeter, which is perfectly fine with me. The longer this monkey stays in, the better. She scored a perfect 8 out of 8 on her biophysical profile and seems to be growing bigger each day. We got to see her flowy hair and puckered lips. It was pretty cool, to be blunt. I only gained half a pound this week (what the ????) and my blood pressure was 114 over 60. The only negative news was that I tested positive for Group B Strep, which is not that big a deal. It just means I will need to be given IV antibiotics during labor. After my last delivery when I counted 13 different tubes, monitors or wires protruding from my body, one more is so not a big deal.


Jamie said...

That is so awesome you get to see the Duece everyweek.

Do you get any pictures?? If so post one, I want to see (:

Laura said...

Yay little Mama!
So proud of those BP numbers! You look so good.

Yep- keep her at bay as long as you can. If I am counting right... We had been home for 4 days at that point... Just think... you could be breastfeeding and pullng all nighters already!!!