Monday, August 21, 2006

Full Pull!!!

If you have ever had the privilege to witness a tractor pull, you would be familiar with the term "Full Pull!" This phrase is enthusiastically uttered once a souped up tractor has pulled its sled the entire length of the track, or 300 yards, I believe.

Well today is the day the pregnancy announcers can yell out "Full Pull!" for my current pregnancy. At 37 weeks the baby is considered full term. That means she can arrive ANY DAY NOW. Yipes! Gulp.

We are dragging our feet just a bit when it comes to being completely ready for the invasion of The Deuce. I am slowly packing our hospital bag as we speak. Dan is going to install her carseat on Thursday, along with helping me finish washing all the newborn items in Dreft.

So now we just wait. Our baby is considered done at this point, but we want her to be good and crispy when she comes out, so we are more than willing to wait. The latest she will arrive will be September 9th, as my doctor plans on inducing us on the evening of the 8th. We just want her to go the extra mile!


jamie said...

I am so excited!!!!

Do you know if she stays in till the 9th will she come out original recipe or extra crispy. LOL

Laura said...

And I thought I was going to get a good family story about a tractor pull.... sigh... I guess that is okay.

A story about making a new family member will have to do. :)

Lauren said...

The 9th is taken!!!!! Get another day!!! =p

Josh said...

Git er dun.

Christina said...

Heh, yeah, I know all about tractor pulls!

Yay for being full term!