Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grandparent Invasion

We are under attack.

Apparently, the birth of Scarlett has triggered the ambush, like a drop of blood will set off a feeding frenzy in shark infested waters. During the last 10 days, our humble home has been mercilessly attacked by our parents, better known these days as the grandparents.

They arrive announced. They often bring gifts, a clever way to distract Dan and I from noticing their true purpose: grandchildren. Aveline and Scarlett have been berated with kisses and warm hugs. Aveline has been tossed into the air, wrestled to the ground and tickled silly, only to squeal with delight. Scarlett has been cuddled and fed into far too many comas to count. Both girls have been showered with so much attention, they suffer grandparent hangovers well after the elders have departed.

These hangovers are our nemesis. As parents, we get to nurse our poor tots back to normal life. Scarlett's daytime comas caused midnight alertness. The loads of attention paid to Aveline, created a new need for attention, one that mommy alone cannot satiate. It takes days to ease our princesses back down from the grandparental high.

Dan and I are also suffering. We must accept gifts, meals, freshly made apple pies, loads of fresh vegetables and coffee cakes. We get to visit with those we love for hours, proudly watching as they snuggle our offspring into oblivion. We have to take a break from being parents to let our parents enjoy their reward for raising us. It has been a struggle, but I know we must remain strong. Who knows, these raids may become a more regular occurrence.


Laura said...

I LOVE grandparent visits almost as much as Isaac. Great pics! :)

Laura said...

you poor things... I too understand the unmerciful attacks that Grandparents make us endure.

Great pictures!

Call me if you need to talk to another Mommy!! I am usually on the road home from 4-4:45..or the early shift from 6;30-7:15