Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch

Sorry I don't have much time to string together more than a few incoherent sentences. Dan is working third shift this week to cover a vacation for a coworker. This means I am on my own 20+ hours each day. If I wasn't appreciative of his move to dayshift before, I sure as hell am now. I barely have enough time to blow my nose, let alone eat, shower and sleep.

We had a wonderful time at the farm this last weekend. We both agreed our only regret was not having enough time to visit with each person like we really hoped. Based on what we've heard so far, we will probably plan to do this again next fall.

Dan, having retrieved our running fool for the 347th time.

Dan's father, step-mom and their new ward Drew pose after a happy day.

Part of Dan's other family, Marc, Linda and Mike relax after a long day.

One of the wagons used to chauffeur guests to the pumpkin patch.

With all of the pumpkins in the field, my child found a gourd.

Riding the wagon back from the pumpkin patch, pooped.

Grant, Emerson, Aveline and Stella...proof that my college friends and I can do something good!

Posing for a picture with Christina and Cordelia from A Mommy Story.

Any parent can tell what Aveline is doing!

The straw maze was a hit with the under 3 crowd!

Aveline and Stella enjoying the straw maze.

My sister, Lauren, who is due TODAY, still working.

Aveline taking a ride with my father on the "Big Country."

My typical view of Aveline during the weekend


jamie said...

Great pictures . Thanks for taking the time to share. I know your time is a precious comodity right now.

Wish I could do something to help):

Good luck to your sister!!!

Emily said...

I loved the pictures. I wish we could have been there.

Laura said...

Great pictures! Thanks so much for welcoming us to your family's home and farm. We had a wonderful time and would love to go back next year. :)

joel said...

It would have been great to spend Sunday with you all. Looks like everyone really enjoyed the farm.

Laura said...

we had tons of fun! So glad you invited us all. Such cute Aveline pictures. God do we have cute kids!!

Joe told me that you called last night. I will try to call you sometime this weekend. I am going to Cleveland with the school for the day tomorrow... so I might not get to call until Sunday maybe.

Anonymous said...

looks like you and your friends invaded your parents.

Christina said...

Yes, we had such a fun time! Thank you for inviting us all out for the day!

And your parents really do have a great farm. One of the best fall farms I've ever been to.

Serra said...

That looks like such a warm fun day! And here it's snowing, ew!

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