Saturday, December 09, 2006

Three Months

It still astonishes me what I've forgotten in just 16 months. I've forgotten how newborns gurgle and coo a gleeful greeting when meeting you face to face. I've forgotten the way they unfurl their tiny hands to seize fistfuls of hair. I 've forgotten the steady stream of drool. It seems that each of Scarlett's new tricks conjurs up a memory from Aveline's era, and invites me to marvel at both the vast differences in my daughters and yet the incredible similarities of their (or any baby's) development.

After consulting the baby books, I have concluded that Scarlett is doing great. Some highlights from this month:
  • She loathes tummy time, but can raise her head and her torso, like a cobra. Not very far yet, but it is developing.
  • She has begun to drool. A lot.
  • She recognizes her bottle and gets very excited. She loves to eat (a chip off not only both blocks, but the whole subdivision!)
  • She holds rattles and toys in her hands in front of her.
  • She is starting to swipe at toys. Moslty she swipes at the bottle and seemingly wants to hold it.
  • She sleeps through the night everynight now. Most nights she snoozes for at least nine hours. Sometimes she only lasts for six, other nights eleven.
  • She has a very quick temper and seems to be a high maintenance baby, especially compared with Aveline. She also is more wiggly than Aveline ever was. We are sort of scared by this, as Aveline is a busy kid.
  • Scarlett is happiest in our arms and laps, mostly sitting straight up so she can see what is happening around her.
  • She loves to watch Aveline and does not mind the thousands of kisses the toddler plants on her daily.
  • She still hates to be naked and wet. Bathtime is no fun.
Any opinions as to whom she resembles?


Jenifer said...

I love reading your blog because we have a lot in common. I could have written your post. My daughter turned 2 in August and my son was born September 3rd. He is aldo doing all the things you mentioned, except he does not love to eat. I have to fight to get him to drink a bottle...he can sleep 12 hours and you would think he would be starving and he'll drink only about 3 oz before he's pushing the bottle away. MUCH different from my daughter.....

I also find that all of behaviors remind me of my daughter at that age, but I also find myself worrying when I think something differs from "the norm", which is probably a lot of useless worrying because my measure of "the norm" is only one other baby!

She's just beautiful and I think she looks like you!

SMAC said...

I think she looks like you Kristi! She is getting so big and she looks like she's a very happy baby. I hope to get to meet her sooner than later before she's all grown up!

Jamie said...

She is getting so big!! I think her and Aveline share the same beautiful smile.

We also hope to meet her before she is all grown up (:

Laura said...

Not sure who she looks like, but... she's SO stinkin' cute!! Great pictures.

Uncle Joel said...

she is so sweet & cute!

loelsh said...

I don't know who she looks more like, but she is definately a cutie!

Christina said...

I think she looks a lot like Aveline! And look at her already smiling for the camera! She's too cute.

Sleeping through the night already? Sigh...lucky. Seriously, that's great!

Anonymous said...

They do grow up quick!

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