Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aveline, Twenty-One

Warning: This post may contain mild bragging. Suitable only for adoring grandparents. Reader discretion is advised.

Aveline is now twenty one months old. It is difficult to believe that she will soon be two! Each day she is learning so much on so many different fronts. Here are just a few highlights:

  • She is speaking in phrases and short sentences. "Daddy's at work." "I want book."
  • She attempts numerous new words everyday. When I realize she is in a mimicking mood, I like to throw out some doozies. I love hearing her try to pronounce "helicopter" or "monitor."

  • She says nearly everything she hears. We've only had two incidences of swearing so far. They were short lived. She loves to run away when pursued yelling "Help me! Help me!"

  • Can identify4-5 colors when asked.

  • Can walk up and down the stairs while holding a hand.

  • Beginning to use eating utensils more. Her hands are still her favorite tool for food consumption, though.

  • Loves to find things in pictures. We ask her to find a flower or a bug. Or where a tree is. Or what is this. She can verbally identify quite a few things in books.

  • Loves to pretend. We pretend to be birds and she flaps her wings and says "Fly!" She also plays out little scenes with her Little People and stuffed animals. I caught her acting out a scene of the mommy saying no to the girl. Funny, that was right after I disciplined her for something.

  • LOVES to dance. Still. She is Solid Gold and Soul Train all rolled into one. It doesn't matter what kind of music or where it is. She was shaking her rump to a Kraft commercial today.

  • All men on TV, in pictures, Little People are daddy. All women are mommy. We were reading from her Princess book and she pointed at Sleeping Beauty and said "Momma," and Prince Charming was "Daddy."

  • Is still incredibly busy. All. Of. The. Time. It can be exhausting to watch her.

  • She is learning to brush her own teeth and wash her hands.

  • She is very spirited and is flirting with tantrums. She is learning what "no" means. Discipline seems to be a slow learning process. She is still a handful when we go places. I will probably start taking her more places to get her more accustomed to this.

  • She loves other kids and adores Scarlett. She tries to give her blankets, kisses, toys, etc. all of the time. They light up when they see each other. It is breathtaking.

  • Sleeps like a dream. She really spoiled me.
We have so much fun everyday with Aveline. She is such an energetic ball of sunshine. We enjoy every second she is awake (and rest nearly every second she is not.)


Anonymous said...

Oh My...what a cutie. Isn't it amazing what she can do, don't you just want to sit and stare at both girls. Yes, I'm a proud grandmother of our little sweetie. Enjoy every moment, how qwick they'll grow. Thanks for the pictures! Sweet

Jamie said...

Thanks for the update, You sure a big girl Aveline. Love all the pictures (:

Josh, Laura, & Isaac said...

Loved the update and the pictures.

She has definately changed since we saw her last. I cant believe Aveline is almost 2. WOW.

BlogWhore said...

what a beauty.

G & G W said...

Adoring grandparents we are! Love the pics & details of life!!!!