Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hot Food Syndrome

HFS is a serious, potentially life threatening illness, found in most homes with children under the age of two. Many babies are afflicted with Hot Food Syndrome (HFS,) seemingly from birth. Curiously, while newborns exhibit the symptoms associated with HFS, only their parents seem to suffer from its effects.

Symptoms of HFS include:
  • Sudden arousal from deep sleep
  • Crying
  • Whining
  • Explosive diapers
  • General fussiness
  • Need of immediate attention
Note that it is not truly a case of HFS unless these symptoms coincide with the readiness of a hot meal meant for the parents' consumption.

The immune systems of fathers are more able to fight off an attack of HFS, especially if a mother is in close proximity. In rare incidences, mothers have been known to be resistant, but only in a few cases globally.

While this epidemic has been ravaging families worldwide for years, no cure has been found more effective than the passage of time.


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Christina said...

Tee hee! Of course, HFS has a slightly different presentation here. It means that you're guaranteed to never eat a hot meal in peace, because you must share it with your toddler.

I swear I look forward to our nights out just so I can eat a meal all by myself!