Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Human Afterall

Not the best game to chose to have your worst game, but, hey, it happens.

The game last night was not fun to watch. In fact, it made me nearly physically ill. Drowning my sorrows did not work, so I opted for some much needed sleep rather than endure anymore of what would be the worst game of Buckeye history. At least I could dream about the sixteen seconds of glory the Buckeyes had.

I just woke up and checked the score on the internet. My instincts tell me to go ahead and erase the game off of my TiVo, sight unseen, and avoid any more heartache. Apparently it didn't get any better after halftime.

So our team showed its human side. We lost. That is a risk of playing the game. Hopefully Buckeye fans will recognize that we got to play the game, and that second place is still better than everone whose not a Gator. (Pssst...that includes Michigan!)

Looking back the season is not a loss. We beat Michigan, a feat taken by itself, is a source of happiness and pride. It just sucks when your last bite of a scrumptious meal is a bad one.

So when is Spring Game again?


Christina said...

Yeah, I watched the first half, and then went to bed at the start of the second half. Aaron said it didn't get any better after that.

Having been through the Cooper years as well, it doesn't feel all that bad to lose. I guess I'm just used to OSU choking on big games. But it does mean Tressel will now be considered a mere mortal, and no longer a god by many. Still, he's way better than Cooper - at least he can beat Michigan.

Christina said...

Oh, and - don't get me wrong, I love the OSU band - but what was up with them playing the theme from Titanic at halftime? Bad, bad music choice.

Uncle Crappy said...

Christina: I saw that halftime show during the season, and it was pretty entertaining at the time. but last night? Yikes. Unfortunately, it was the perfect choice.

Kristi: Right on, sister. And don't forget about hoops...