Thursday, January 04, 2007

Interview Complete

For those of you keeping score, my job interview was today. We won't know for a week or two what the outcome is, but we will keep you posted.

I personally thought it went well. It was the longest interview I had ever encountered at nearly two hours in length. It didn't seem long to me, though. I found the entire process invigorating and intriguing. In fact, I found myself wanting the job even more after the interview. That being said, the process itself was rewarding in the fact that it forced me to take inventory of my life and view myself with confidence and pride. Go me.

Besides the actual interview going well, the two-hour car trip each way was a nice break from my two most demanding customers and their never ending needs and critique.


Jenifer said...

Wow! A 2 hour interview? Was it an exam of some kind??


Jamie said...

We pray this job is it for you, sounds like you are really interested and want it!!

Good Luck!!

Christina said...

If the interview lasted two hours, then that's probably a good sign. If they didn't think you'd work out, they wouldn't have kept you there that long.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for you!

Laura said...

yay! That is great! Even greater... you had sometime to yourself!

This job really sounds like you.