Sunday, January 14, 2007

Resolutions Defined

So now that we are two whole weeks into the new year, I've decided to finally get my resolutions in order. Good thing that eliminating procrastination did not make the list...or I would already be a failure.

My husband hates resolutions. I haven't quite figured out why, but I did get him to commit to a few. I will spare you most of the mundane ones, and just highlight a few.

  1. Read a book to each child each day. I read somewhere that this is the single best thing you can do for your children as a parent. And last time I checked, their books are pretty simple and fun to read. Easy resolutions are good resolutions.
  2. Eat a more nutritious diet, including whole grains, whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies. I know this is not very specific. I guess I want it that way. Dan and I both come from the husky swimsuit side of the gene pool. We know that every deck in Las Vegas is stacked against our girls being trim, so we decided to try to help teach them healthy habits. To do that, we need to practice what we preach.
  3. Connect as a couple at least one night a month. No. Not THAT way. Keep your minds up here on street level. We can't accomplish #5 if that happens. More or less to have a date night where we can be alone, without the kids is the aim of this resolution. We spend so much time working and caring for our monkeys that we often forget to nurture the most important relationship in our lives: our own.
  4. Keep up on house chores and maintenance. We need a new roof. We are also very tolerant of clutter and dust...almost too tolerant. As it goes now, the only time we really clean is if someone is going to visit. Weekly to bi-weekly would be ideal.
  5. Read my lips: No new tax deductions. Two kids in sixteen months is enough for us, for now. Maybe we will have more in a few years. Maybe we won't. I just want to get these two out of diapers before I have to start buying Swaddlers again.
So there are just a few that I wish to share with you. I hope to update our progress throughout the year. I would love to hear yours and how they are going too!


Jamie said...

I think those are all good ones!!

Joel and I need a date night too, we forget about taking time for each other. Good luck!!

Uncle Crappy said...

I pre-empted the most obvious one when I quit smoking last October. So I've turned to the old standby: be in shape. I like this one because it's vague. There is no target weight, no set number of visits to the gym. Just this: Do stuff to be healthier.

Oh, and buy a house. That would be good, too.

Christina said...

Those are all good resolutions. #5 is especially important to us after baby #2 comes along. We're pretty sure we're done after two kids.

Also after baby #2 arrives, I want to make it a priority to eat better and work out more. I kept 20 pounds between Cordy and this baby, and I don't want to keep another 20 pounds this time, too. Plus if I can eat better, then hopefully Cordy will eat better.