Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Baby is Turning into a Barbie

Dan offered to bathe Scarlett if I took the toddler to the drugstore. So, Aveline and I ran to Walgreen's last night to pick up some bar soap.

Perched atop the shopping cart, Aveline surveyed the lay of the land as we entered the building. Aveline was babbling in a normal almost two year old fashion: gibberish interspersed with recognizable words. I would repeat the words I could, trying to reinforce her budding vocabulary. We passed through the cosmetics section to get to the soap. It was her profound explanation at this point that stunned me.

"OOOOHhhhh! Make-Up!!!!"

I glanced at a bored teenage employee behind the perfume counter, who returned my shocked expression.

"Did she just say-"

"Make up. Yep. That's what I heard too," the girl answered.

I am at a loss for how she knows that word. I occasionally wear make up, but certainly not around the house. And it is not so much that she knows what it is, but the excited "OOOOHhhhh!" that preceded it that really concerns me.

Dan and I will have our hands full with this one.


Jamie said...

oooOh maybe she would like Auntie Jamie and Uncle Joel to get her some PRETEND makeup for her birthday if Mommy and Daddy say okay.

Uncle Crappy said...

At least she's not pointing at 16-year-old boys and shouting "Hey -- look at that hottie!"

Not yet, anyway...

joshw said...

Oh dddddear.
At least it wasnt "Tattoo".

Laura said...

lady.. you're screwed.
The Josh's tattoo comment is funny. Grant and Stella talk incessantly about Joe's tattoo.
I am sure they will be drawing all over the back of their legs very soon. ...sigh...

Em said...

Oh no! Isn't it maddening how much of your child's personality just comes as-is? So many "wait, this can't be my child!" moments.... all the time.... from day one.
Good luck with the anti-Barbie-ness!