Sunday, April 29, 2007

Doctor Day

On Tuesday of vacation, we had a day of Doctor visits. Aveline had her two year check up and Elvis met his vet for the first time.

Aveline's visit went smoothly. We made it a family day, with all of us packing in the car to attend. Aveline was very good about walking and holding my hand and waiting while I signed us in at the desk. She made thirty trips down the indoor slide before our nurse guided us to the exam room. She weighed in at a few ounces shy of thirty pounds and measured 35 inches, both 80th percentile for her age.

Knowing the stats of your children is a mother's addiction. I could not resist weighing and measuring Scarlett. She weighed 18 pounds and 4 ounces and was 28.5 inches long at 7.5 months.

Dr. Hein joined us in the exam room and hopped onto the table beside Aveline. Our two year old pulled out all of her tricks to impress the good doctor. He was pleased with her development. He advised us on toilet training (yeah.) and discipline procedures and sent us on our way. Aveline only had to get one shot, which she didn't even notice. We left the office in good spirits. We picked up Chipotle on the way home to celebrate.

After lunch, I loaded Elvis into the van and met with our new vet, Dr. Bremer. Apparently, his father had started the practice in the mid 1940's, and had stayed in the family since. Elvis was very well behaved, considering the lure of a playful Springer Spaniel in the lobby. He weighed in at 46.5 lbs, a healthy weight for a shar pei. I lifted him onto the exam table, and he was calm and relaxed for the entire visit. The vet gushed about his demeanor and his obedience. He took blood, updated all of his shots and started him on some fancy medication that prevents basically any kind of critter from bothering or infesting him. We also got some meds for a bacterial/yeast infection in his ears, a common problem of the breed.

We had a great Doctor Day and all of our children are in wonderful health.

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Laura said...

So glad to hear everyone is doing well!!