Thursday, April 05, 2007

Slipping into Something More Comfortable

If you've ever spent any amount of time at our home, you have probably spent time on our couches. Dan and I spend most of our time at home on these fine pieces of furniture. We've fed our babies on these, nursed sick tummies on these, even shoed a spoiled Elvis off of these more than once. We've watched BCS championships won and lost on these couches. I watched President Regan asking Mr. Gorbachev to "...tear down this wall," while perched on the arm. I waited for my prom date at the edge of one cushion. These couches have been through many moves, following us like nomads, city to city and apartment to home. We've lived a lot on these couches. Despite the thread bare center cushion or the puppy gnawed corner of the loveseat, these weary settees are family.

We know that one day we will have to send them up to sofa heaven, or maybe they will make the fabled trip to the furniture farm to live out their days happily. But we are not ready to give up on them yet. (Besides, our children have many, many more spills in store for them.) I found some slipcovers on Ebay and hope that this will help extend their stay through the messy years. So next time you come to visit, be sure to say hello to our furniture friends and check out their new duds.

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