Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here's What We've Been up to....

Being cute.

Dan painted our fence.

Aveline's 2nd Birthday

Newport Aquarium

Scarlett's Eating Solids

PawPaw and the two youngest, Everett, 7 months and Scarlett, 8 months

We got a new grill.

Bathtime, together.

Trip to a cool park in town.

Being silly.

Contemplating life.

My apologies to anyone who used to read this blog. Blame the one who used to write it. I've regressed to picture books. More to come soon. I hope.


Christina said...

I think I'm starting to know how you feel. Two is a lot of work.

Great pics, though! And wow, Aveline's curls are gorgeous!

Joel & Jamie said...

Been up to a lot. Thanks for sharing all the pic's. the girls have certainly grown (:

joshw said...

It looks like the kids are doing well. Dan, the fence looks great. from the pictures it really changes the back yard. Looks nice. I like the grill. The local cow population should be nervious!