Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the Market

Dan's company did a market wide restructuring this last week and decided to let about 7-8 managers per store go. Dan was one of the lucky ones. He was given a nice severance package, thanked for his 6 years of service and shown the door. So, he is in the market for a job again.

While this was very unexpected, we are welcoming the change. I know that he wanted to take his career in a new direction. We also wanted to move closer to our families. Now there is nothing that is physically keeping us here in Southern Ohio, we can head north.

So, if you hear of a nice job opening, let us know! In the meantime, I have a strong list of projects that we are going to tackle around the house, including a massive garage sale. We have also found more time to cook, go to the park and take walks. It feels like a vacation so far!


Christina said...

That sucks! What type of job is he looking for?

I'd love it if you moved to Columbus - more mom friends to hang out with!

Jenifer said...

Hopefully you can financially swing it so that the "vacation" doesn't have a sour ending!

Best of luck in the job market .. this might be the beginning of something wonderful!!

Uncle Crappy said...

That news sucks, but it sounds like you guys are taking it in stride. Hope everything goes well.

And if you should move to Columbus, I know of a pretty good regular tailgate party...