Friday, July 06, 2007

Sounds Like a Winner

I was interviewing a person over the phone the other day. The job in question was for a very well known and prestigious company. The position was entry level, but to get hired with this company would make many people's dreams come true.

The candidate was not doing badly at all on the interview, until I heard a very distinct noise in the background.


Having spent my dearest friend's birthday amongst the "one armed bandits" down in southern Indiana, (imagine if Las Vegas honked a loogey east, that's describes Belterra!) I knew that sound cold. Sure enough, I heard a voice ask her if she wanted a stack of ones and a new cocktail.

A casino sounds like the perfect place to conduct a serious job interview.


Laura said...

wow. That is crazy!
at least go to the lobby!!

Christina said...

I'm guessing she's not getting the job. How dumb are people?