Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Potty Girl

Well, one more day of completely dry diapers. She really loves using her potty. She especially loves the ritual of dumping the freshly made tinkle into the adult potty and flushing it. She squeals in delight when she gets to wash her hands after the job is done. She made tinkle 11 times today. Not kidding. ELEVEN! Some of those times were just a teaspoon or so. She just wanted to splash around in the water. Whatever it takes.

I'm not sure how long it takes for the second phase of potty training, the second movement, er, number twos in the loo. I hope soon. That is my least favorite part.

So we are full steam ahead on the potty training. I didn't even have to attach U of M decals to the seat at all. Dan and I discussed doing this as added motivation.

Check back tomorrow for more scoop on the poop. (ha!)


Joel & Jamie said...

Way to go Aveline, you sure are a potty girl!!

Jenifer said...

I really hope it lasts for you. Paige was the same way, did great for 2 months, then she got bored. Going to the potty became more like a chore than fun, and she regressed.....big time. We now go through 6-7 pairs of undies a day. I pray to God this phase passes...Soon!