Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wisconsin Notes and other Thoughts

So the Bucks swatted pesky Wisky on Saturday afternoon. Falling behind in the third was enough of a scare for our weak hearts as fans. The last time the Bucks were behind in the third was at Washington in September. I wouldn't be surprised if Tressel orchestrated the entire third quarter so that his team could grow from that experience. The way the man is nearly always in control is maddening. It felt like a cat playing with a mouse, taunting and teasing it, knowing that in the end, the mouse is lunch. How cruel.

Sparty almost took care of TTUN for us. Not that I particularly want a scUM team with nothing to lose stepping onto the field the 17th, but it is always nice to see them lose.

Has anyone else noticed how much Alex Boone, number 75 is celebrating after touchdowns? He leapfrogged Brian Hartline at Happy Valley, and Hartline was standing! He goes nuts when they score and Boone Jumps whomever is responsible.

I know that all of the Wisconsin fans will say that they could have beaten OSU if they would have had PJ Hill healthy. Maybe if you didn't blow all of your trick play cash the first time you stepped up to the register, yeah. Two fake punts? C'mon. Seriously.

I have a BIL that is a UW alum. I know exactly what he is getting for Christmas this year: a SACK full of Buckeyes. Thanks OSU Defense for making my shopping list a little bit easier this year.

Oh! BTW....I have a new football crush.... Kirk Barton is sooo dreamy. Caught him in the post game news conference.

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Uncle Crappy said...

I first became aware of Mr. Boone's, uh, enthusiasm while watching a tape of last year's Michigan game. On the second-quarter play where Troy threw an out to Robiskie, who slipped a tackle and gained another 20? Boone was the first Buckeye up the field after Brian was tripped up. Boone proceeded to pick up the receiver by his shoulder pads and head-butt him while holding him in the air.

If I was Robiskie, I probably would have soiled myself.