Thursday, February 07, 2008


Aveline has just hit that stage when she has mastered her words and some logic to be able to share her understanding of the world with me. I hope I can remember all of the gems I hear during our time together.

Me: My Aveline! You sure are getting big! And so tall!

Aveline: Watch out! My bump my head on the sun!

Me: Yep, that would kind of hurt.


Aveline: Me sad.

Me: Why are you sad, Aveline?

Aveline: I had dreams.

Me: You did?

Aveline: Yeah. (sigh) Me see them in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

So cute... I love this age. These days are going so quickly!@@

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed reading your blog, do you plan to continue? I know you must be busy with two little ones, but would be nice to see updated pictures and hear how your family is doing. Thank you

K said...

I miss this stage with my children :-)

I thought I'd invite you post your blog at Her Blog Directory.