Monday, July 18, 2005

Acting Rashly

Aveline went to sleep way early last night...around 6:30pm. She was really tired from the weekend. Early to bed, early to rise. Thankfully Dan got up with her at 3:30am. I think we have things more back to normal tonight. She went to bed at 8pm. I hope that at least gets me to 6am. She started drooling even more today, so we broke out the bibs. She looks cute in them. She is playing more with her hands, so she tugs on it or her dress. When she tugs on her dress, she looks as if she is going to curtsey. She chews on her hands constantly.

Dan made me pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Then he cleaned the kitchen and did dishes. It was very sweet of him. He watched some infomercials or something in the middle of the night that got him all riled up. When I woke up, he was drawing schematics for some type of outdoor oven/grill made entirely out of brick. That is a sure sign that he had a bit too much sleep and free time. I don't get creative thoughts anymore, let alone the energy to plan. Lucky dog.

Speaking of dogs, Elvis will be getting a bath this weekend. I think he knows it too. He won't come inside like he used to. I guess he has too much fun chasing squirrels.

Aveline has had a rash on her body for the last week. Nothing big, just a spot on her leg. This morning the spot on her leg had spread down her leg, down both arms and on her chin and neck. I panicked and took her to the pediatrician. They were very nice, but expained it was just a simple rash, nothing to worry about. They gave me some advice on her vomitting and how to prevent it. She also got weighed, the highlight of my day. 11 lbs 13 oz. Not bad. That is 26oz in 27 days. I was very impressed with that. So we spent $15 to be just fine.

Dan and I decided this weekend is an organizational weekend. We hope to go through all of the boxes in the basement and get stuff ready for a yard sale. That and eventually find my wedding ring. And my plug in smelly things. And my cookbooks. And fifteen other things I have needed this week alone. I hate moving! Maybe the yard sale will help cut down on the clutter. I find that I have a hard time ridding myself of extra stuff. Even though it is just stuff. I am fearful that I may need it. Yeah. Like I will ever wear those size 8 jeans, that I fit into exactly one day in high school, again. Or all of the knick knacks I have accumulated over the past 12 years. Or the stuff that is still in a sealed box from when I moved out of the dorm. It is time to purge. It is time to clear my life of excess. I seem to have a lot of excess. Aveline is less then 3 months old and she already has excess. Maybe less really is more. Simplification is the key. Lets just hope we don't go overboard and sell everything. We really should think about each item before we act too rashly and throw out a memory.

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Laura said...

So glad to have this site to keep up on our niece Aveline! It looks great! :)