Sunday, July 17, 2005

Meal Re-Emergence

Dan and I had an interesting weekend. We headed up to Marysville for a baby shower and party with some friends from college. We were very excited to have a chance to see our friends as it had been years since contact with some of them. We were also excited to introduce Aveline to our group. Many, ok, almost all of them had new babies with in the last year. At first it was very quiet while sleeping cherubs slowly trickled into the home. But before we knew it, we had a decibilic nightmare approaching freight train proportions. And then it started to rain. We all ran into a 15 x15 room with our children. Eleven kids under age 5, 6 of those under 7 months old. We learned that when one baby cries, the rest drop like flies. One by one lungs were exercised. All we could do was to laugh...and pray that it would stop raining soon.

The barbeque was nice. We caught up with quite a few people. Of course we went to Bob's for breakfast. Dan ate something with Potassium Sorbate in it. He is incredibly sick now.

We are having barbeque chicken pizza for dinner. Mmmmm. I hope he feels better by then.

Aveline loves he new sling. She can sleep in it while mommy types. Mommy loves it too!

With all of the travel we have endured during the past month, we are estatic to have nothing planned for this next weekend. It will be good to just relax at home and continue to unpack. Maybe we can start to get organized for a yard sale. We did realize this weekend that we definitely need a larger vehicle. I think we will be looking into that soon. Dan is interested in the Chevy Equinox or Ventura. I like the Saturn Vue and the new van they offer (can't remember the name right now.) We are sticking with GM because of the family discount.

Another exciting event of the weekend was not one but two meal re-emergences, aka baby barf. She soaked me with the first one and Dan with the second. I think it might be something I ate, but we are not sure what. I should just eat potatoes, white rice and plain noodles. That may keep her happy.

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