Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day 83


That is all I can say about this motherhood thing.

I thought being pregnant was hard. That was cake. Labor was the icing.

Worrying has become my sport of choice lately. I worry Aveline is not eating enough. Or I am not stimulating her enough. Or that I am stimulating her too much. Or she is getting warped by my Law and Order obsession of late. Or that I am going to put too much pressure on her later on in life. I find myself worrying that she will make my mistakes. Or that I will do too much for her.

I could take the Alfred E. Neuman approach to parenting. But where is the fun in that? What would I gruel over each day?

So I worry. I guess worrying does make you a better parent. Notice I said better and not good. If I didn't worry, I wouldn't care.

Today the munchkin is aping Miss Piggy. She can't seem to get enough. At the moment I am enjoying a nice nap. She'll be up soon though.

I have been playing a lot of Beethoven for her...Moonlight Sonata is her favorite. She also has an affinity for "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream. Who knew?

We have already done tummy time and played with the blocks. She is starting to discover her hands. I find her staring intently at them. She chews on them. Not quite sucking the thumb so much as the meaty pad below the thumb. Occasionally she will bat at objects that are hanging above her. She was able to lift her chest and head off of the floor while doing tummy time.

She loves to talk. We have many "conversations" a day. Mostly after she enjoys a meal. She cuddles in the crook of my arm and opens with very soft cooing. She grins coyly while conversing. Sometimes she sticks her tongue out at me. I mimic her. She is starting to say "ah-goo"

We sing the "Aveline" song and "I wanna go back to Ohio State." Those always bring easy smiles.

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