Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fair and Balanced

The lawn got mowed. The flowers got deadheaded. The roses got weeded.

It was a beautiful morning today, and our family took advantage of it. Aveline rode in the sling while I tended the flowers and Dan wielded the lawn mower. Elvis ran circles, excited to have all of us "visiting" his yard.

The beautiful morning turned into a stormy afternoon. We got t-storms on and off throughout the late afternoon. The rain was heavy at times. We definitely need the rain. Everything sprang up and got greener!

Aveline and I did some laundry and got groceries at Dan's Meijer's. I swear she made me buy the Crunch n Munch. It was her craving. Honest. We did stock up on veggies. I was craving fresh veggies.

Aveline watched her first episode of Sesame Street today. I already have the song of Elmo's World racing laps through my head. She loved it! I couldn't believe it! Dan said since she watched PBS we had to balance her out with a bit of Fox News....fair and balanced. I couldn't resist the will drive my mother nuts!

Beyond that, I am fighting a headache today. Yuk. Ibuprofen is handling the pain pretty well. We also finally had a poopy diaper. Those of you without kids won't understand the importance of knowing the exact status of your baby's bowels. Aveline last stinker was on Sunday, so we were starting to get concerned. I guess it is normal. It works for me! One stinky diaper every 2-3 days is fine. Man, she is an easy baby. (I am now beating on the wood table, hoping my luck won't run out!)


Laura said...

Josh and I love the Bush pic!

Dan The Dad said...

Dear Mom in Law, I did not say that about the PBS and Fox News.
Thank you,