Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cave Canem

So, after breakfast this morning, Dan and I decided to take a walk through our neighborhood. Breakfast had been a semi-traumatic event for me. I sliced my middle finger open trying to cut up some canteloupe. Two bloody paper towels later, we found the band-aids. Two band-aids later, I found our Neosporin. Aaahhh. The joy of moving.

Anyways, like I was relating, we decided to go for a walk. We made ourselves somewhat presentable and set off to see our area. Aveline lounged in the stroller while Dan pushed her around. Elvis walked calmly beside me. We had both made cappucinos before we left.

Our first encounter on our adventure was the neighbor's cat. This was not to be the only cat we saw on the journey, but for some reason, it was the only cat Elvis saw. He lunged. I spilled part of my coffee. What a great start.

We continued down our street, wishing a good morning to whomever was out and about. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and sunny. We came across a foreboding dog complete with an appropriate placard hanging on his gate. Elvis didn't blink. I don't know if he was scared, unaware, or just playing cool. My vote is for sheer terror. This dog was huge and growly.

After the dog, we continued meandering through the tree lined streets. We saw many perfectly manicured lawns and comment on entryways or gardens we liked while we strolled. It was very pleasant. We noticed many beautiful homes in our area for sale.

After nearly an hour, we headed home. Aveline took a small nap during the excursion; Elvis, a nap after. Dan mowed the lawn and I cooked lunch. I love having him around. He racked up some good quality time with his daughter today.

I did some reorganizing in our breakfast nook cabinets. I am considering making one of them our pantry, as I don't like the cupboards we have our sundries in now. It will probably look cheesy, but I vote for function over style every time.

After Dan went to bed, Aveline woke up for her nap. I include a picture of her almost rolling from back to front. She has done it before, but no one witnessed it. I put her to sleep on her back one evening and she was on her stomach sleeping the next morning. Notice in the picture she is gnawing on the sunshine's rays. Everything she can get near her mouth goes into her mouth. It is like a vaccuum.

I won't continue on with all the mundane details of the day. I cooked. I cleaned. I pumped. I fed the milk monster and changed her diapers when needed. I still have a bazillion things that need done. Some people always comment that they would love to clone themselves so they could get everything done. I'm way too disorganized and slightly languid for that. I need to clone somebody like Martha Stewart, and make them my slave. Ok. Maybe not my slave. How about permanent, unpaid helper?

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Laura said...

What a nice day for a walk... sounds like a great day overall (minus a few mishapes). :)