Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Stash

Aveline is becoming more aware of her feet. Today in her crib, she had her legs in the air and was watching her feet touch one another. She also did some serious splashing during bathtime. She has been able to put weight on he legs for awhile now, but it is cute that she notices her lower half.

I got to leave the house today...woo hoo. I went to Target to pick up some breastmilk bags. My production has decreased since Aveline began sleeping through the night. That and I have dropped down to only pumping 4 times a day. I am only making about 45 oz a day now. That is plenty. The bags that we freeze the milk in are pretty expensive, but definitely cheaper than formula. Most days I spend roughly 3 hours of my day sitting hooked up to a milking machine. I often wonder if it is really worth it. Is breast milk really that much better than formula? I have read oodles of information about breast milk and it's benefits, things ranging from prevention of type I diabetes, decreased likelyhood of childhood obesity, less ear infections, higher I.Q.'s etc. Is there that much of a difference?

I now hav 115 lbs. of milk in the freezer. That should keep her happy for about 10 weeks at the rate she is eating now. I am planning to pump at least until the first of the year and then feed her from the stash until it is gone. I have also considered donating to a milk bank in Columbus, since I am blessed with so much. I sure hope there is not a power outage.

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Kelly said...

I didn't know they had breastmilk banks!! How does that work?