Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Day at the Spa

This is the obligatory grandma post. I haven't put a current picture up in "what seems like forever." This was taken right after bath and massage. Gee, sounds like I am running some kind of spa. Right after her luxurious bubble bath, Aveline was wisked into the living room where she was gently patted dry and vigorously rubbed down with lavender scented lotion. After the massage, a fresh layer of Balmex was applied to a private rash. A dry, fresh diaper and a soft cotton footed sleeper finished the ensemble. Before being gently laid into her sleeping accomodations for the evening, she savored a warm, freshly-squeezed, somnolent night cap.


Lauren said...

She is getting so big! I can't wait to see her again but it will be a while til we can get down there. Give BIG kisses for me.

Kristi said...

Yeah, with all of the pumpkin corn maze fun starting soon!