Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Got Milk???

So I am bummed out. I called the milk bank located in Columbus to see if I could donate breast milk to their cause. I am still way overproducing and am quickly running out of freezer space, so I thought I would share some of my good fortune. They told me they don't want my milk. I guess since I am on Zoloft, my milk is not acceptable. Geesh. Finally I am good at something, dare I say talented (like I work really hard at lactating,) and I can't share my gift. I guess if I cut the meds, I could share. I think I value my sanity just a little more than my charity.

So, Aveline is going to be drinking Mama's milk until she is five. That or I will have to find alternative uses for the mass quantities I have stored. I can just see it now.

At the next party we attend, be sure to try the cheese tray...I made it myself!


Laura said...

Eww! No cooking with the breast milk. Remember that I may be knocking on the door of Kristi's milkbank if things don't work out me way! ;)

Rae Ann said...

wow, that's too bad they won't take your milk. Maybe you can write a breastmilk cookbook! I kept a small bottle of my milk in our freezer for the longest time. But after so many years my husband threw it out while cleaning out the freezer.