Sunday, August 14, 2005

Future Skydiver

Aveline spent most of her day yesterday trying out her new skills. Back. Forth. Back and forth. I'm surprised she didn't get motion sickness as much as she was rolling around. She must have rolled forty or fifty times... and I never got tired watching her. She gets this amazed look on her face once she has switched positions. It is priceless. At first, her arm would get stuck beneath her body when she rolled from back to front. I observed her struggle to discover how to free her trapped limb. She finally learned that if she sticks her butt in the air and balances herself on her chin, she can pull her arm free. Now she is a pro at the back to tummy roll. She also started something all of the books call "airplaning," a move best described as a skydiver's posture mid free fall. Once in this position, with only her belly resting on the floor, she can pivot and turn in any direction. I have a feeling we will need to baby proof the house pretty soon.

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