Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Love My Handyman

We avoided a major crisis here at our humble home in Middletown. (I almost feel we need to christen our abode, you know, like they name plantations or huge ranches...I will have to think about that for awhile) Anyways, I was settling in mid-morning for a cappucino and the Sunday paper. This is a sacred ritual for me. Dan was watching Aveline and I had a small bit of sanity saving free time. Dan brought me a copy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, which I set on the dining room table so I could make my beverage. I first made two shots of espresso and put them into my cup. When I went to foam the milk, nothing happened! I could not foam milk! I fiddled with it for ten minutes or so before I begged Dan to look at it. He handed me the baby and cast me from the kitchen. After much tinkering and manual consulting, he returned to the living room perplexed. He milled around on the internet. Nothing.

I was very distraught. I live for my cappucino machine. It is my cup of heaven each day. It is the one vice in which I can indulge while breastfeeding. It must be fixed!

Dan got out his box of screwdrivers and opened up the gadget. A simple tube had misplaced. He replaced the tube, and reassembled the machine. He then made me the best cappucino ever.

I am so glad I married a handy man.

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Joel said...

You the man Dan!