Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ohio State Freshmen Class 2023

After the "adult only" wedding the evening prior, many of my friends decided to trek to Bob's and have breakfast, kids in tow. It turned into a baby convention! We took up a whole section minus two small tables. I bet those poor patrons enjoyed their breakfast this morning!

At the conclusion of the meal, we convened outside to take a group shot of the offspring. We were quite the spectacle. A crowd gathered around us as we took pictures. I think I even saw a Japanese couple taking photos of our kids!
Many people asked us questions. Most just gawked at the babies. I'm sure many had the same thought: with all of these babies so close in age leaves few doubts as to what they all did last summer! (Blushing)

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Trevor Record said...

Aw, look at all them babies. (I'm actually afraid of kids. Shhh.)