Friday, August 19, 2005

Life with Friends

So, I have this wedding to go to tomorrow. I found an outfit (the hard part) and a babysitter (yeah Josh and Laura!) It is, what I call, the last wedding of our group of college friends. Ok. So there are two other single college friends left, but, at this point, I think they will neither marry each other nor anyone else. Sorry guys. It feels as if this wedding is a turning point in our lives. Like the end of a chapter. Next page: the kids. Some of us have already read ahead.

My group of friends just recently went through a flurry of births. Seven in the last 8 months, and one's even due today! In fact, only two couples and the singletons do not have children. What's next? The first divorce? Death? I wish neither of these on anyone I know, nor want this soon for us. We can stave off the former, but the latter is inevitable. It has been comforting to go through many of the big events in life with such close friends.


Trevor Record said...

How many friends are there? Kids! Marriage! Divorce!

Half of my friends don't even have jobs!

Laura said...

Glad we could help you guys out w/ watching Aveline and a place to stay. Read out input on the night at my blog. LOL :)