Thursday, August 11, 2005

Our House

I can not believe we have lived in this house for almost four months now. We really should have more stuff unpacked, having resided here for a third of a year. Being a homeowner is great. We have learned that when something breaks, we fix it. Our toilet on the first floor has been acting up since we moved in. I somehow think that it has something to do with a toothbrush that was accidentally flushed down it on moving day. I guess we will have to call a plumber to figure it out.

We are also learning how to care for our lawn and flowers. So far, 2 flower boxes of impatients and some low hanging cherry limbs are the only casualities of our lack of gardening know-how. Hopefully we will get the hang of it before next year when we plan to plant more flowers and an actual vegetable garden. No more mooching off my parents for tomatoes and zucchini. (Notice sweet corn was NOT mentioned as I could never grow corn as delectable as my father's.)

We have discussed lots of possibilities for redecorating. What colors we will paint what, what rugs we will buy, what furniture would look perfect. Now all we need is the time and the money. I guess that is what everyone needs....more time and money.

Buying this house is of major importance to Dan and I. We both thought we would never be able to afford a home for many more years. Even with all of the dying plants, leaky toilets and roof that demands our attention, I love living here. The fact that it is ours, each room brimming with possibilities, is why. We clearly see our future in this home -Aveline's first Christmas, bringing her new sibling home (when that time comes, which will be a few years down the road) or celebrating birthdays. We know we won't be in this house forever, as it is a starter home. But this home will help us get the next home, and every other home in our future. (I hope there is not too many...I really hate moving!) So, it can be said, that the day we bought this house was really the first day of the rest of our lives. The first step towards a hopefully long, happy journey. Considering all of this, I haven't heard a complaint regarding the mortgage. Just give us a few years.

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Kelly said...

I love your house too! If/when you do move, it better not be too far away! It is so great having you guys just 25 mins down the highway!